Lezfinity was founded in 2011 as a social organization in Phoenix that is dedicated to helping lesbians have fun and meet other lesbians.  Over the years we have grown and expanded to increase the visibility of LGBT issues and sharing ideas and opinions.  We ALL have a voice – let’s use it!
Lezfinity aims to cover a full spectrum of topics for a diverse audience who are proud to be part of our community, to provide a form of self-expression for LGBT and raise awareness about the concepts and attitudes toward gender and sexual identity.
As the LGBT community continues to grow, our mission is to provide a safe and friendly environment to individuals new to the scene and also those familiar yet reluctant to venture out without a circle of friends…that is us.
We invite lesbian couples and singles to events that range from dinner, movies, community outings, day trips and even weekend getaways.  What makes us stand out is we’re all about making amazing friends, getting together and having a great time with fresh new ideas! We invite those of you with that inspiration to join our platform. The idea is to allow couples/singles to meet and enjoy fun social events together in a comfortable setting to expand their base of friends and community.

The mission of Lezfinity is to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the LGBT communities by providing activities, programs and services that create community; empower community members; provide essential resources; advocate for civil and human rights; and embrace, promote and support cultural diversity.

We started Lezfinity because we felt there was a lack of cohesiveness within the lesbian community in Phoenix.  It is problematic when women who live in the valley have a difficult time keeping track of what is going on, and often miss out on opportunities to go out, meet people, and get involved in groups and activities that are interesting to them.